If your product needs to be measured or tested, we can probably do it.
If your measurements need to be recorded or analyzed, we can probably do it.
If your laboratory equipment needs to be networked, we can probably do it.
If your manual tests are prone to human error, we can probably automate them.

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Data Acquisition

Definition:  the sampling of the real world to generate data that can be manipulated by a computer. Sometimes abbreviated DAQ, data acquisition typically uses sensors that convert measurements to an electrical signal, which is acquired by data acquisition hardware.

Examples: Measure or monitor any of the following:

  • Acceleration
  • Acoustics & audio
  • Electromagnetic
  • Linear displacement
  • Load/Force/Torque
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
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Product Design Verification

Definition: the process of checking that a product or system meets specifications and that it fulfils its intended purpose.

Examples: Combining data acquisition with motor control, laboratory automation, or vision you can create:

  • Cycle or Fatigue Testing
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Manufacturing In-line Test Stand for 100% Inspection
  • HALT or HAST test systems
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Test & Measurement

Definition: an industry term to cover the process of determining the the dimensions, quantity, capacity, or quality, of a product, substance, signal, or anything that can be defined.  In measurement, the measuring is generally done passively — an effort is made to not have an impact on the subject under observation.  In test, the subject is stressed in order to determine its limits.


  • Ensure product dimensions are within tolerance
  • Monitor process flow
  • Verify signal integrity
  • Measure data from remote location (wireless)
  • Create a data acquisition system to measure the performance of high-current electrical connectors that can grow with the needs of the test laboratory
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Laboratory Automation

Definition: networking and configuring laboratory equipment through a central processor in order to run tests or processes autonomously.


  • Automate chemical batch processes
  • Retain formulas, processes, and results on a network database
  • CERN Uses NI LabVIEW Software and PXI Hardware to Control World’s Largest Particle Accelerator
  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Uses NI LabVIEW and PXI to Simulate Spacecraft Solar Arrays
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Industrial Controls

Definition: applications that drive and monitor manufacturing and processes.


  • Motor Controls
  • High-Speed or Complexity that a PLC or PAC Can’t Handle
  • High-Speed Control of Hydraulic Die-Casting Machine
  • NI PACs and PXI Replace PLCs for Advanced Centrifuge Control


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Vision Systems

Definition: the use of cameras to capture images and process them digitally for monitoring, measuring, testing, or research.


  • Manufacturing 100% In-line Product Quality Inspection
  • Plastic Sorting System
  • Achieve Six-Sigma Repeatability Standards in Inspection of Automobile Spark Plugs
  • Automating a Color Fuse Vision Inspection System


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