Program Mgt


The Hardware Advantage

We can integrate a wide range of hardware solutions. 

In addition to National Instruments' extensive product line, we can also integrate  sensors, motors, cameras, and instruments from other vendors.


Agile Services - Project Management

We can provide project management on two levels:

  • System Integration: We can work along side your design team to manage the development and integration of sub-systems into your project. 
  • Turnkey System: We also can provide complete systems based upon clear, and unchanging specifications.

On both cases, specifications would be detailed in our project proposal or Design Requirement Document.

We have our limits.  We can't handle every job, and if we believe it's beyond our capabilities, we will make it clear at the first meeting.  The best way to tell, is to invite us to take a look at your project.  It generally takes less than an hour.






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